Mayssam is a food and travel writer based in Montreal and travelling the world in search of the next culinary discovery. Her vibrant and delicious hometown of Montreal holds no gastronomic secrets for this culinary explorer yet her suitcase and passport are never tucked away and her wanderlust spirit never satiated. From Michelin-starred restaurants across the planet to the latest hole-in-the-wall down the street, Mayssam is always ready to taste it all!




The latest born from the famous Joe Beef team is a smaller, more feminine restaurant with a vegetable-centric menu created by whiz chef Marc-Olivier Frappier and an absolutely genius wine list composed by fabulous somelière Vanya Filipovic who has been part of the Joe Beef family from the beginning. The ambiance in this small establishment is cozy, casual and festive and the team makes me feel so welcome I have a hard time leaving! Vin Papillon was voted third best new restaurant in Canada in 2014 by enRoute magazine.



I have been in love with Hotel Herman from the minute they opened their doors, literally. I was one of their first diners and am one of their most fervent fans. They have since gathered many well deserved accolades. The small plates concocted by chef Marc-Alexandre Mercier are delicate and simple yet emphasize Quebec’s local products marvelously. The natural wine selection is just as creative and the front of the house team made up of co-owners Ariane Lacombe and Dominique Goyet is flawless when it comes to the service. I just can’t get enough!



La Chronique is hands down, my favourite French restaurant in Montreal. This is the place I go to celebrate a special occasion yet it’s modest enough to hop in for a weekday lunch. The dining room is double height and bathed in great light. The decor is elegant yet sharp and mirrors the gorgeous plated creations coming out of the kitchen. A refined, fresh cuisine that celebrates the best of ingredients and most flawless technique. La Chronique also happens to make the best foie gras in the city so if you’re a fan, this is the place to have it.