Born in Mexico City, with Basque and Cuban roots, grew up in Texas and have been a native Austinite for 11 years. I live for good food, wine and travelling. In 2011, while on a girls’ trip to California, I was inspired by a friend to start a food blog. Since then I have been documenting my food shenanigans and restaurant escapades. I am adventurous when it comes to food, and will try most anything.




Uchi, translated from Japanese meaning “house”, is an award-winning restaurant located in a refurbished old home in South Austin. Uchi showcases the culinary talents of executive chef and sushi master Tyson Cole.



Aaron Franklin’s parents owned a barbecue stand in his native Bryan, Texas, so it could be said that making good brisket was in his blood. But barbecue runs thick in the veins of every Texan, and when Aaron began experimenting with brisket and a backyard smoker a decade ago, it just so happened that with him it ran thicker than most.



East Side King was created by Paul Qui and Moto Utsonomiya as a side project when they were working at Uchi and Uchiko. It provided a space for creative freedom and fun with food, and it has grown to include talent like Yoshi Okai, locations like Hole In The Wall, Grackle, Liberty Bar and Shangri-La, and menus that range from Curry Buns to Sapporo Beer Bacon Miso Ramen.