One Hundred Tables is the most unique place to discover and connect with some of the best restaurants in the world, from Dive Bars to Five Stars. edited on wordpress


What makes One Hundred Tables unique?

Imagine traveling to 100 top cities around the world with a shortlist of 100 of the best and most interesting places to eat in those cities in hand – a list curated by the people who would know it best, the diners and international critics that have been there.


This is One Hundred Tables. It’s like having first-hand recommendations from that in-the-know friend, everywhere you go, all around the world.


How do we determine which restaurants are seen on One Hundred Tables?

The reputation of every restaurant on One Hundred Tables is reviewed at the time of application. If a restaurant is already known to be good they can be showcased on the site as one of the best 100 in their city.


We review the restaurant’s reputation on a variety of reliable sources including Zagat®, Eater™, Trip Advisor®, and others. But hey, it’s a big world out there, and platform popularity varies across regions, so we take similar sources into consideration for our cities in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. And we check in with our Local Experts as needed.


What else?

Every restaurant on the website is automatically also included on the App so you also have the best tool in your pocket, wherever you are. Foodies, grab your passports!

All the Best,


Tony and Alejo